Pico Versions

There are currently two "official" versions of Pico: Pico 1.0 and Pico 2.0. Although Pico 2.0 is more stable, much faster, and more advanced than Pico 1.0, we still keep Pico1.0 alive because of the tremendous amount of courseware that was developed with it. We currently simply do not have the resources to change all those transparancies overnight.

This Site

This site was majorly developed with Pico 2.0 in mind. All the screen shots were made in Pico 2.0. The only sections that are still in Pico 1.0 are


Apart from big differences in the implementation (whose dissection is also a big part of our courseware!) from a programmer's point of view, the differences between Pico1.0 and Pico2.0 are: